"By associating with the cat one only risks becoming richer."
- Colette

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Before You decide to take a kitten under Your roof,
please remember that a cat will be a part of Your familly for at least next 12-15 years. Interested persons with our kittens I invite you to contact, however, I reserve that questions such as "price" and unsigned correspondence, will not be taken seriously !! Please, say a few words about yourself;)

Before You write to Us please read:

Cat is not a toy, it is living and feeling being,
cat can't be just a caprice for You child!!!

Kittens will stay with Us whole time, will be part of our daily rutine.
They will know our dogs, they will be used to all the noises that surround us.
First moments weeks of kittens life are very important for their socialization
and they growth. We spend lots of time with Our babies to make sure human will
be only associate with safety and love.
We prefer to give kittens to new homes when they are 15-16 weeks old,
becouse by that time they are already independent, and they can adopt to new
home with easy. All kittens that are not sold with breeding rights are castreted
before leaving to their new families.

We put a lot of effort in rising our kittens that is why it is Our Priority to find perfect
homes for our babies. So please make sure You make responsible and conscious decision
We are open for any contact with new families of Our kittens, We are waiting for infos and photos
of Gafi kittens and We are here to help You 24/7

Kittens that leave our home:
* are litter box trained
* can use scratching post
* are dewormed and vaccinated according to their age
* are chiped
* taught to eat several types of dry food * Learned to eat several types of cans * learned to eat cooked meat with rice / oatmeal and vegetables * learned to eat raw meat

They get:
- FIFE pedigree (all Our kittens are pedigreed- we dont sell kittens without pedigrees)
- heltbook or passport
- agreement for the sale
- kitten linen - "must have" for a good start in new home


AVAILABLE - kitten is still looking for his new family

OPTION - We are observing if the kitten will be in breeding quality till 10-12 week old - You can ask about this kitten

RESERVATION - deposit was payed

DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE, if the new owner will change his/her mind or will not pick up a kitten. We reserve the right to withdraw from the sales contract of a kitten. In this case, the deposit will be refunded in full.

The price of a kitten is consist by several factors, please remember that we also bear considerable
costs associated not only with the education and maintenance of kittens, but also their parents and
contribution to the development of Our Cattery.